Computer Liquidators California

Computer Liquidators California

Re-Use and recycle, is the call of our environment. We at ETA believe that the best way to prevent landfills from toxic materials generated from e-waste is to grasp the longest life out of any product.


Data Destruction Info

When Hard Drives are received for your remarketing and asset recovery program, the component is degaussed with Department of Defense (DoD) Standards software. Degaussing is the preferred method of sanitization by the Department of Defense and the National Security Agency.


Recycling Info

All Computer equipment received goes through the receiving process whether disposable, recyclable or resalable.


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Computer Liquidators California, I.T. Equipment, Cisco Testing Equipment, Servers, Desktops, Laptops, LCDs, Phone Systems, High Technology Equipment, OEM returns and Ewaste.

Computer Liquidators California

Computer Liquidators California / eTech Asset Liquidators will be your One Stop Solutions Company for the liquidation of your Overstock Technology Equipment, Computers, Laptops, Excess Inventory, Obsolete Equipment, End of Life electronics known as

Computer Liquidators California (ETA) provides buyouts and computer liquidation for Industries such as Retail, Financial, Education, Technology, Healthcare and Laboratories.  We are your computer reseller.

  • Asset Recovery $ and Reuse: Computer Liquidators California / eTech Asset Liquidator’s (ETA) works exclusive with select and close tie channels for re-entry and resell of your computer equipment into the secondary market. We’ve proven to be speedy, most efficient and offer the highest return $ dollar on computer buying and computer resell. We can help you achieve maximum return value from your distressed IT assets by purchasing your electronics in a quick and easy manner. (See Asset Recovery Page)

  • Data Destruction: We certify security of your data by either physically destroying your non-reusable Hard Drive products or using DoD compliant software to ‘Destroy All Data’ on value return products. (See Data Page)

  • Recycling, Dismantling & Disposal: ETA fulfills your entire computer recycling needs. Computer Liquidators California is your ‘One Stop Solution’ for retired server equipment whether new, used, working or not. Let us give you an offer for the good and recycle the old. (See Recycling Page)

  • Logistics: Call us to schedule our pick up service. It could be free! We can provide on-site labor for packing and loading if needed, including Logistics and Transportation.

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Computer Liquidators California
Computer Liquidators California