Electronic Recycling And E Waste Disposal Services

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ITAD IT Asset Disposal

All Computer equipment received goes through the receiving process whether disposable, recyclable or resalable. EDR SoCal electronics recycler (sister company-our location) is authorized by the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) # 111233) and the Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) as a qualified Collector/Recycler (dual entity) of Covered Electronic Waste (CEW) which include Cathode Ray Tube holding devices (CRT’s) and the designated Universal Waste Electronic Devices (UWED).

The Electronic Waste Recycling Process

Upon receiving electronic surplus for recycling, we weigh, count and segregate based on the commodity material they contain and assign a Lot ID # to your material. Mostly used for the dismantling of the lead containing CRT devices, which have special regulations in the State of California.  This lot number follows the product throughout the disassembly process (in-house) allowing it to be tracked to its final residual status ‘scrap’ material. The residual scrap material is then shipped to a final destination facility which further processes it down to its value commodity such as copper, aluminum, gold, etc, which is then sold on the open market. (Commodity Brokering)

For CRT devices, the CRT glass or cullet if generated is shipped to glass manufacturers or secondary smelters, assuring that our process prevents hazardous material of any kind from ending up in landfills.

We accept but not limited to, for disposition or recycling:

  •  Desktop / Tower Computer

  • Laptops / ipads & pod Servers

  •  Storage Media

  •  CRT, LCD and Plasma Monitors or Televisions and devices.

  •  Printers / Copiers

  •  Routers / Switches

  •  Handheld Devices

  •  Telecom Equipment / Telephones & Systems

  •  Fax Machines / misc office electronics

  •  Mass Storage Arrays

We issue a Certificate of Recycling, certifying title transfer and full compliance with all computer recycling environmental regulations. We carry all required Certifications and Insurance coverage.   From your door to ours, you’re off the hook immediately!!

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