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Hard Drive Shredding
Data Destruction Services

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Options for Hard Drive Shredding:

Data Destruction Services:

When hard drives are received for your remarketing and asset recovery program, the component is degaussed with Department of Defense (DoD) Standards software. Degaussing is the preferred method of sanitization by the Department of Defense and the National Security Agency.

Physical Destruction Method:

When we receive non re-marketable, non-reusable hard drives or hard drives that you have required to be destroyed, we first physically press the center wheel out rendering mechanical failure making it inoperable and the disk including the circuit board is compromised by the ‘tearing and ‘warping’ result rendering data un-retrievable. Residuals are then sent to a hard drive shredder for metals commodity retrieval.

Our hard drive destruction service assures that data is thoroughly destroyed on any equipment that we purchase from you in order to protect your organization based on all of the regulatory agencies e.g., HIPAA, EPA and others. We treat your data destruction with the highest priority; therefore it is vanished as if it were our ow